About us

The Internet is part of our everyday lives, whether we use it to find information, communicate, entertain ourselves, or work… and that’s a good thing! The advantages of being connected are undeniable, but with applications and screens multiplying and cell phones ensuring we’re constantly connected, the risk of being too connected increases, which can lead to certain problems.

Without being alarmist, we would benefit from questioning the place screens occupy in our lives. If the Internet isolates you, makes you feel anxious or depressed, interferes with your studies or work, or affects your sleep… it’s probably because your use is unbalanced. If your cell has become your best friend or you pay more attention to people online than those around you, it’s time to evaluate your habits.

It is to better face this new connected reality, which affects almost all of us and particularly young people, who are more vulnerable and exposed to the Internet, that Capsana proudly launches the PAUSE campaign.


PAUSE is an awareness campaign promoting a balanced use of the Internet and preventing the risks associated with hyperconnectivity.

Specifically, PAUSE encourages teens, young adults and their families to stop and think about their digital habits and take action to improve them. PAUSE gives us tools so we can benefit from the advantages the Internet has to offer, without its harmful effects. It’s also an invitation to enjoy the benefits of offline moments on “airplane mode.”

Finally, PAUSE aims to become a movement that encourages Quebecers to regain control of their screen use and prioritise connections that really matter, both online and offline.

The name PAUSE highlights the importance of regularly unplugging. Pauseyourscreen.com serves as a reminder to develop the impulse needed to help us accomplish this.


PAUSE is an initiative of Capsana made possible with the support of the Secrétariat à la jeunesse.

PAUSE is the latest addition to other public campaigns by Capsana that have been well established in Quebec for over 15 years: Smoke-Free Family, Quit to Win! Challenge and the Health Challenge.

A committee of experts, which includes specialists in the prevention of cyberaddiction and the promotion of healthy habits in young people, participated in the development of the PAUSE campaign. It is rolled out with a support network in order to ensure its reach.

PAUSE is also in the field thanks to the collaboration of various schools and life settings that reach young adults: universities, cegeps, professional training centers, youth clubs, and workplaces such as camps, etc.

This concerns everyone!

The teams and organisations involved in the creation of the PAUSE campaign include parents, young adults… and not so young ones, who also face the challenge of better managing their screen use. We are all affected by the risks of hyperconnectivity, thus the need for the campaign to recommend tips and advice that can be adapted to individual needs. What’s important is to spread the word and to take action in your own way!