Here are some challenge ideas to help you set your screens aside more often.

The goal is to maintain control over the Internet and to enjoy moments on airplane mode.

Which challenges will you choose?

Challenge 01

Recharge your batteries

Recharge your batteries Turn off all your screens one hour before bed. Side effects include a good night’s sleep.

Challenge 02

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday Spend a Thursday screen-free like back in the day! #tbt #pauseyourscreen

Challenge 03

Ultimate battle

Ultimate battle Tomorrow, only check your phone once an hour and battle the urge to respond immediately. Game on.

Challenge 04


Unplug Charge your cell somewhere other than your room. We dare you to buy yourself an alarm clock. Yup, you read that right, an alarm clock.

Challenge 05

Justify it

Justify it Try this for a week: every time you pick up your phone while someone is talking to you, justify it by giving the real reason. Ouch.

Challenge 06

Set it aside

Next time you’re out with your friends, put your cells away. The first one who takes theirs out pays the bill.

Challenge 07

Clean it up

Clean it up Turn off all visual and audio notifications that are not essential.

Challenge 08

Truth time

Truth time Download an app that calculates the time you spend on your cell every day.

Challenge 09

Morning break

Morning break For a week, wait until after breakfast to set your eyes on a screen.

Challenge 10

Wait it out

Wait it out For a week, every time you’re waiting in a line, resist the temptation to check your cell and just… wait.

Challenge 11

Put it away

Put it away Leave your cell in a room or a bag and don’t bring it everywhere with you!

Challenge 12

Take a break

Take a break Turn on airplane mode and set an alarm for the duration of the break you want to take (15 min, 30 min, 45 min, etc.).

Challenge 13

Dare to switch off

Dare to switch off Are you having a conversation, sitting in class, or attending a meeting? Turn off your screens for a few minutes, hours, or, if you’re really brave, a whole day and be fully present.

Challenge 14

Avoid bingeing

Avoid bingeing Adjust the settings of some social media so they stop after a predetermined amount of viewing time (e.g., YouTube after 15 minutes of viewing).

Challenge 15

More cleaning

More cleaning Delete non-essential apps from your home screen. Place them in folders so they’re “hidden.”

Challenge 16

Check in with yourself

Check in with yourself After staring at a screen for a few hours, how do you feel? Satisfied, relaxed, anxious, kind of depressed? Try to opt for connections that make you feel good.

Challenge 17

Truth time #2

Truth time #2 Ask your family and friends what they think of your Internet use. Do they feel that you’re present when you’re with them?

Challenge 18

Step out

Step out Shop in stores instead of online, a great way to encourage the local economy, meet people and… spend less time sitting!