Partners and collaborators

The PAUSE campaign was created with the precious support of partners and collaborators committed to promoting a balanced use of the Internet and of screens.

PAUSE is an initiative made possible with the support of the Secrétariat à la jeunesse.

“The world is evolving and comes with its share of new developments as appealing as they are innovative, in particular in the field of technology. Our lifestyle habits are confronted with these new realities, and we must adapt to derive the maximum benefit from these changes.

It is in this context that the Quebec government elaborated a vision for today and tomorrow’s youth: the Quebec Youth Policy. Because Quebec needs young people who believe in the power of education to achieve their dreams. Young people who are active, with a healthy body, heart and mind. Young people who are informed and involved in their community. Young people who are out in the streets and on the public square, who are a driving force within their communities.

This is why the government has decided to invest in youth action strategies and support the PAUSE campaign that aims to promote a balanced use of the Internet and prevent the risks associated with hyperconnectivity: to support young people in their endeavours and help them reach their full potential.”


Logo Presse Commerce
Proud partner of the print magazine industry for over 30 years, Corporation Presse Commerce is pleased to partner with the PAUSE campaign to promote a balanced use of screens. While you take a healthy break from your cell or computer, why not take advantage of the opportunity to read a magazine and rediscover the benefits of reading!

Logo Renaud Bray
In 1965, the first Renaud-Bray store opened its doors on Côte-des-Neiges Road in Montreal. Today, with over 30 outlets throughout Quebec, Renaud-Bray is the largest French-language bookstore chain in North America. At a time when screens are everywhere and are an integral part of our lives, Renaud-Bray is proud to partner with the PAUSE campaign to promote the benefits and variety of screen-free educational and recreational activities among Quebec families.

Logo archambault
Since its foundation in 1896, Archambault has established itself as the largest retailer of musical instruments in Quebec. Over the years, it has diversified its offer with the addition of multimedia products, books and assorted curios for the whole family. Archambault is proud to partner with the PAUSE campaign to showcase the wide variety of activities young and old can enjoy without the use of screens. Play, read, make music.


Logo un point cinq
Unpointcinq, the only solutions-oriented media organization in Quebec, focuses solely on climate action. The goal? To unpack this hot-button issue and propose concrete courses of action that are accessible to all. Scientific rigour is essential, but so is fun, interesting content. And because we don’t often view an evening of TV streaming in terms of its climate impact, Unpointcinq is proud to partner with the PAUSE campaign to help Quebec families better understand the links between climate change and digital life.

Ben - Bien être numérique
Designed for and by young people, Bien-être numérique is a non-profit organization that encourages teens to think about the role the Internet, smartphones, and social media play in their lives. Through digital self-defence workshops offered in high schools, Bien-être numérique advocates a balanced and conscientious use, without lecturing or trivialising the effects of digital technology. This open attitude is shared by the PAUSE campaign.