Here is a list of available resources if you or a family member needs support to better manage online and screen use.

Please note: All the organizations listed below offer services in English. However, some of them have a French-only website. We suggest calling them to know more about their services.

Awareness resource

If you want to talk to your teen about Internet use or involve their school in the prevention of the risks associated with hyperconnectivity (e.g. conference for parents, workshop for teens, working on the school policy), the Maison Jean Lapointe can advise you.

Intervention resources

If you are having trouble managing your time online, are afraid of losing control, or if your Internet use has negative consequences in various areas of your life (relationships, studies, work), these resources can help you:

Adult clientele

Youth clientele (17 years and under)


These helplines offer free and confidential professional support, 24/7:

Useful links

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