Start the conversation

A discussion about Internet and screen use is important to have with your child or teen, so don’t hesitate to talk about it! Also consider sharing your challenges and your tips to better manage screens at home with other parents.

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Talk with your child

During your conversations, try to be objective, positive and non-judgemental. Among other things, think about:

  • addressing the topic informally when the occasion arises, for example, if the subject is mentioned in the news, at school or during a conversation with friends;
  • encouraging your child to think about the pros and cons of screens in their lives, the lives of their friends and in society. Together, reflect on the appeal of screens and the different ways to maintain a balance;
  • taking an interest in their online activities, such as the applications and streaming sites they use, the social media they prefer, the video games they like;
  • often reviewing with them the tricks and rules for balanced screen use. Repetition is a good way to learn. Don’t take for granted that they have understood all your expectations after a single conversation.

Talk with other parents

  • Ask other parents about their rules for use at home: Do their children have their own cell phones? Are there screen-free times during the day or screen-free zones in the house? Between parents, how do they agree on the rules and how to apply them
  • Share your concerns: Do you have the impression that your children spend too much time using screens? That they have difficulty finding activities to do with their friends other than video games? Do your teens seem troubled when they spend time on social media?
  • Exchange tips for reducing your children’s screen time: For example, by suggesting family outings or practicing a sport as a family, or implementing a schedule for use.